Eddie Bickers

Turquoise and Lavender is a high end luxury boutique specializing in fine antiques, original art, home accessories, jewelry, gourmet goods, and organic spa and wellness products. The specialty store opened in Dallas Texas in March of 2016. The Dallas store is managed by owner Eddie Bickers, read on to discover more about Eddie and his vision for Turquoise and Lavender.


Which factors inspired your creativity?

Growing up on a beautiful farm in Kentucky made me see the true beauty of nature, and the simplicity which comes along with that lifestyle. My creativity blossomed as I had a wonderful vision of bringing together the sweet simplicity and beauty of the outdoors, and combining it with true sophistication and luxury.

As you frequently say, “inspiration comes from everywhere” What inspires you most?

Beauty is everywhere, I am inspired by so much. The wonderful aroma of fresh lavender, the majestic mountains of the southwest, I am frequently inspired by my travels to new locations. Visiting a new place is so invigorating, everything is brand new, and often I want to bring that home with me, and share it with everyone. So I must say that travel inspires me most.

You are such a creative and talented artist, how would you describe your style?

I would describe myself as someone who loves the sheer elegance of sophisticated country lifestyle. Combining the unique elements of both to form the perfect atmosphere.

How do you select the exquisite pieces you feature at Turquoise and Lavender, what is your process?

As I mentioned before, travel is one of my passions. I travel and bring back majestic antiques, fragrant lavender oils, and wildly beautiful jewelry from Europe and the United States. I select only the finest pieces and products for Turquoise and Lavender. I always work very closely with artists, and am highly involved in the design process and creation of custom items specifically for Turquoise and Lavender. Each item in the store is something that I am passionate about, and truly love and cherish.

What is your favorite part of the design process when you collaborate with artisans to craft custom pieces for Turquoise and Lavender?

Every single step of the process is incredible, watching something come to fruition from an idea is absolutely fascinating. I love to watch my ideas come to life as we work together to create something new and beautiful.

What natural elements drew you to the beauty of the Southwest, and what inspired you to choose to feature its grandeur in your designs?

The southwest has always been a large part of my life. I travel to Santa Fe, New Mexico frequently and it is one of the most inspiring places I have ever been. The rich artistic culture, the gorgeous colors of the landscape, brilliant blue sky, and wonderful cuisine, bring out my creativity. The southwest truly speaks to my creative side.

Not only are you a skilled artist but you are also the owner and creator of Turquoise and Lavender, tell us what inspired you to bring your passions to life?

I wanted to bring my vision to fruition, creating a unique and exclusive shopping experience that would encompass a sophisticated lifestyle. Soon after I began working on opening our flagship location in Dallas Texas.

You mentioned the flagship boutique being in Dallas, are you planning on opening more Turquoise and Lavender locations?

Yes, I do. Turquoise and Lavender has been extremely well received in Dallas so I am delighted to share with you the news of a possible new location in the Lexington area of Kentucky. All the items will be hand selected by me and include finest antiques, jewelry, spa and wellness items, and gourmet culinary goods. These are items that I love and want to share with all of you.