DL & Co.

D&L Candle Co offers some of the finest illuminating products in the world. The brass skull candle offers up to 60 hours of warm illumination with a delightful fragrance to fill your home with a calming aroma of fine floral scents and a touch of spice.
This is a delightful fragrance by D&L Candle Co set in a beautiful dark vessel and topped with a rose gold colored skull cover. This is a deep fragrance rich in myrrh, clove and mandarine. Contact Eddie for details and pricing.
This gorgeous candle provides 115 hours of light. It features a mix soy, palm oil wax and an environmentally friendly clean burn. Best of all its lead and chemical free with no added dyes! Fragrant notes of guava, passionfruit and peaches are contrasted with oceanic perfumes and pinch of floral bouquet.