The bad boy

The seducer. This is an amazing and masculine candle scented with  Cedar and sandalwood.

Indulge in the spicy scent of The Artist, this luxurious candle is scented with Black pepper and Cloves.

The Intellectual is a distinct, and rich candle exuding a classic leather aroma. This is a very warm and masculine candle. 

The adventurer is a sensual and uplifting fragrance featuring the lavish essence of White Musk.

Let this luscious scent take you away! The Free Spirit Candle Features sweet notes with spicy nuances, and a finish of Sandalwood.

The Romantic is a powerful and dynamic candle bringing together the warm resinous scent of dark amber, and the deep woody scent of Vetiver. 

The Bad Boy is a complex and hypnotic candle that brings the essence of Sweet Tobacco Leaf together with Spanish Patchouli and a light touch of exotic spice.