Santa Fe Olive Oil

garlic cilantro

Experience the true flavor of the Southwest with this lightly spicy flavor infused balsamic.

The Greek Olive Oil is very fragrant and makes a wonderful addition to any meal, marinade, or salad.

The Garlic Cilantro Balsamic makes a superb addition to any gourmet meal.

Experience the full bodied flavor of our traditional Spanish Olive Oil. This oil is a perfect addition to all of your savory dishes, and salad dressings.

Allow your imagination to be free! Fantastic when added to your delicious eggs in the morning or even as a simple sauté for all your veggies. This delicious oil has the exactly perfect amount of spice with a burst of delicious chile flavor.

As a part of the fragrant mint family, the scent and flavor of lavender may be described as herbaceous,  floral, and somewhat earthy. It is a fantastic choice to utilize in all recipes calling for marjoram, and thyme, the lavender balsamic is also fantastic while drizzled on your most favorite desserts (specifically ice cream).

Delightful pear flavor. Fantastic on salads,  fruits, ice creams and a various meats to bring out their savory flavor. We recommend you use the pear balsamic with a milder oil for salad dressings or dips, or enjoy it just by itself. It is just so good!

The Meyer lemon is sweeter than regular lemons with less of a sour bite. Drizzle the meyer lemon olive oil on fish dishes before baking  or broiling. This is also superb on salads, various vegetables, and in meat marinades. This is fantastic for lemon chicken as well!

The 25 Star balsamic is also known as the 18 year balsamic. This heavenly balsamic vinegar is from Modena. It is incredibly smooth, so much that you could even sip it after dinner. The 25 star is phenomenal on aged cheeses,  delicious cured meats, on a multitude of fresh fruits, or when used as a dessert drizzle on top of vanilla ice cream and strawberries. This is also an absolute winner on any salmon dish.

This fabulous extra virgin olive oil is completely unfiltered and also naturally settled. This single word encompasses it all . . . GARLIC! Fantastic on steak, gourmet pizza and potatoes. Try this oil next time you prepare a braised chicken,

This balsamic is full of amazing fig flavor. This is a stunning balsamic for vinaigrette, and dressings, and marinades. It is exceptionally delicious in a roasted beet and goat cheese salad. 

This is a light bodied truffle oil which exudes the delicious flavor of black truffles. This oil is divine in both rice and pasta dishes, and makes a fantastic combination with forbidden rice.For a tasty side dish toss some French fries with the oil and a little chopped garlic for the perfect tasty treat.

This extra virgin olive oil tastes just like delicious blood oranges, and it is simply extraordinary on salads, especially when combined with 25 star balsamic. Use it in place of the regular oil in almost any recipe for a refreshing hint of citrus flavor. Try the blood orange olive oil in baked goods like cakes, breads, and muffins. Add a delightful twist to Asian cuisine. Use to saute salmon or scallops to give them a citrus punch.

This is a stunning olive oil combining delicious garlic flavor with spicy chili for a divine pairing. This oil is wonderful for roasting vegetables, mashed potatoes, and for meat dishes. 

This lavender olive oil is a gourmet experience when added to any food. Use it in savory dishes to add a touch of herbal aroma and flavor, or use it in sweet baked goods to add another layer of depth to your sweets.

Brilliant rosemary flavor shines through in this delectable olive oil. Use it on most meat dishes, is a great addition to marinades. Drizzle on, breads, tomatoes, steamed vegetables, delicious soups and many soft cheeses.

This is a fragrant blood orange avocado oil. Sauté seafood, liberally brush it on poultry and seafood to grill.  This oil is fantastic for baked goods too.  Use this oil instead of regular oil in cake mixes to add an extra orange flavor, this is a great trick for brownies, and white cakes.

Prickly Pear is a dark pink cactus fruit which has a taste similar to raspberries and watermelon blended together with a touch of kiwi fruit.   This is amazing when used as a healthy  syrup for morning pancakes, or drizzled over cheesecake to add a gourmet touch.  Add the prickly pear balsamic to your cocktails for a delightful twist, or use it to rim a margaritas glass dipped in salt.

This is a unique and flavorful blend of three incredible extra virgin olive oils: Coratina, Picual and Spanish Castile. The Santa Fe Olive Oil blend adds a delicious touch to dipping sauces, salad dressings, and is great for cooking.

An optimal accompaniment to a multitude of tropical dishes. Combine it with the Meyer Lemon, or Blood Orange oils  for  amazing salad dressings, or to marinate seafood or poultry for grilling.  Use with sweet sugar to rim your glass for a tropical Pina Colada.  This is also a wonderful treat for pineapple pancakes or topped on a pineapple upside down cake.