Lime and Orange Blossom is  to an exhilarating fragrance filled with fresh citrus, and enveloped by the glory of Night-Blooming Sampaguita, sweet honeysuckle fresh jasmine combined with earthy Amber fragrances ,  a subtle and  Smoky Patchouli , and finally a touch of green Oak Moss add true depth to the velvety smooth scent.
This is the famous signature fragrance of Agraria, Bitter orange is both very complex yet still subtle. As the scent fills the air you will notice fresh clove, the aromatic zest of bitter orange, and a light hint of Cypress. This is a mysterious, spicy, and unique scent that will enchant your senses.
Mediterranean Jasmine is a heavenly bouquet of beautiful floral fragrances. Including the scent of Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Iris, Tuberose, and Lilly of the Valley. This is a fresh floral fragrance that will awaken your senses and ignite your creativity.
This scent is absolutely delightful and deeply aromatic. A combination of Italian rosemary and French Lavender is rich and calming and regenerating. This is a beautiful classic fragrance with a twist that is noticed by the light addition of English Amber and a delightful little zest of sweet Bergamot.
 This is scent is truly an energizing experience that will leave you feeling bright and refreshed. Light and crisp, the Lemon Verbena brings out the fresh, clean scent of lemon Verbena leaves, a nuance of Caribbean Lime and delightful notes of rose and Jasmine shine through this delightful fragrance.