Turquoise & Lavender Winter AD

Turquoise & Lavender Winter AD

Turquoise & Lavender Winter AD

1.Tell us a little about Turquoise & Lavender and your creative vision for this one of a kind luxury boutique?


When people come into my store they love what they see. It’s an experience. The beauty and uniqueness of the store is unlike anything else. People still ask me: “What is your concept?” I think the best way to explain it would be this: ”It is mixing elements of beauty and richness with organic and natural elements, like earth and wood.” I go against the grain. My vision is unique and one of a kind and I hope you will love it as much as I do.


2. Eddie, this is a stunning and unique ad. Could you please tell us what inspired you to create this beautiful advertisement?


The conception of the winter ad came from one of my favorite TV shows of all time, Game of Thrones. I wanted to tie it into the ad. The magazine owner, and photographer loved the idea as well, and we went to work immediately. The creative aspects of the ad allowed us to use many of the unique items we feature at Turquoise and Lavender. I think one of my favorite parts of the ad is that we were able to use some of the beautiful jewelry available at Turquoise & Lavender for the shoot!


3.Tell us about your creative process in the making of the winter advertisement?.


I was inspired by the gorgeous jewelry we have here and the process of finding the horses. I live right by horse stables so having those two key elements helped us to produce a successful shoot.


The interesting thing was that I knew I needed something vibrant and colorful to make the advertisement shine. So, Pepper the creative director, and I ventured to a fine textile boutique and found a rich and bold turquoise silk, this was the ideal material to use for an elegant turquoise gown.


The entire team that worked with me to create this ad was fantastic. The photographer Holger Obenaus really made the process of the shoot extremely comfortable and smooth with his creative eye and talent for capturing the right moment. Quentin Senise, the owner of Dallas Style & Design Magazine was terrific to work with, and helped me get this amazing idea come to life. Pepper Toohey was not only an amazing creative director, but she also assisted with the costumes, hair, and makeup for the shoot. I know that their help and support throughout the shoot made the Turquoise & Lavender Winter 2016 Advertisement so successful.
When I talked to the magazine owner, Quentin Senise, he jumped on the idea of running the spread because he was so excited about something that had never been done before in Dallas. I took a chance, saying to myself that whether people loved it or hated it, they would remember it!


4. What are some of the most unique elements in the Turquoise & Lavender Winter ad?


The painting of Judith, I think. I felt by adding the painting that it tied in with some of the story of Judith, the ad concept, and of course The Game of Thrones. Also I’d say the beautiful burgundy glass bottle was perfect for the shoot as well.


5. What pieces in the ad did you design?


The costumes were all designed by me. Patrick is holding an antique iron hinge that was created by me to make a weapon for the photoshoot. The makeup was done by Pepper Toohey, assistant to the creative director. I also selected the fabrics and all the materials for the shoot. I was very involved in the creation of this ad and you can really see my personality come through in the spread.


6. What were some of the greatest experiences of the design process?

 The greatest experience was seeing my vision come together with all the work behind the scenes. Seeing it come to fruition was so fulfilling to see.


7. What practices do you implement when hand selecting goods for Turquoise & Lavender?


When I select things for the store, I go down two roads. The first thing I select are items that I know people will use often, like olive oil, bath salt, toothpaste, things that are used daily. The other avenue is for unique items. I search for goods no one else has and I try to build and create an identity for the store that sets Turquoise & Lavender apart from everyone else.


8. What are some of your favorite interior design tips that are simple to implement?


I would say that no matter what style of home you have, you need to be comfortable. Comfort is the most important thing, no matter what style.


9. What is in store for the future of Turquoise & Lavender?


Turquoise and Lavender is coming out with its own upholstery line. Slipcovers that are washable with clean lines, modern designs and of course they’ll be comfortable. We will have so many fabrics to choose from that you will even be able to purchase them right off the floor. It really is exciting.


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